Update #02 (version 1.0.2)

 -Changed some JumpPads to a more accuarate versions (disables movement while airbourne)
 -Fixed some issues with ramps blocking the player
 -Added snow slopes to frost levels (this will act as ramps so the player doesn't get blocked while running)
 -Increased max framerate (from 60 to 200)
 -Added atmospheric fog to the last level
 -Changed some speeches form Greem Comlor (the second wizard)
 -Dying in the fisrt world no longer reduces the score (the score is only reduced when a checkpoint is triggered
 -Going out of bounds on the 3rd level (with the second wizard) will quit the game


TheMightyestQuest_v1.0.2.rar (Updated) 648 MB
Sep 03, 2017

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