Update #01 (version 1.0.1)

Based on feedback I've made some changes and addictions.

 -New Ability mapped to the RMB
  -Since the RMB intended to be a defensive stance but it didn't work so I changed to a ranged attack with limited use.
  -After the ability used all charges you can't regain it back until you enter a new stage and will be a regular attack.
 -After killing 10 enemies you will regain a health bar and 5 seconds to the timer
  -If you have full health, you won't recieve an extra health bar,
 -Added partial gamepad supportd (Right Mouse Button and Left Mouse Button are mapped to Left Trigger and Right Trigger respectively)
 -Added a tutorial level showing some mechanics (Right after you enter the portal from the island, can also be ignored)
 -Added checkpoints to introductory levels (eg. after the green lands and before the forst lands)
  -Dying no longer will take back to the begining anymore, but you will have a decrease on the score (-100 score)
 -Fixed player model having wierd movement while strafing.
-Sill unfixed
 -In rare ocasions the sword hitbox will overlap the player and damage them
  -I don't know why, but Its really inconsistent


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Aug 28, 2017

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